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We’re new and excited to become a resource for beginners to blockchain and cryptocurrencies. This go-to place right here is made for you.

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You come as you are– no special skills or knowledge is required. Just being here and participating will earn rewards. Talk about anything technological and earn.

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Think of this community as your online family. Think about calling your Mom or best friend because it’s always good to keep in touch.

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Our Mission

Blockchains are the future of everything we do.

So what does that mean exactly? What’s all the hype about crypto? What’s the REAL future for Bitcoin?

We are answering questions in the Connection Age. It’s the new currency and can’t be replicated by spending money.


You are the most valuable asset

So how do we tie connection currency into cryptocurrency? How do we make connections and mine crypto at the same time?

The future is here, be ready as it unfolds. Join Cryptoans because we will help one another. No one will ask you for money or make you obligated to do anything other than participate.

That’s how it works. You participate, you contribute, you share and you get paid.

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